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Terms and conditions of Participation

By sending an online application, the participant of the record agrees that:

  • his/her health condition is without any health defects and is fully compatible with health guidelines and standards of diving training agencies such as CMAS, IANTD, PADI, NAUI, SSI, TDI SDI, EPS, etc. He/she will participate only in good health and psychological condition
  • he/she is a certified diver with a minimum training level OWD, P*
  • he/she understands the risks associated with the event, as well as requirements, safety parameters and schedule of the event (attachments bellow)
  • will follow the safety instructions of the Record event organizers
  • will prevent the injuries of himself/herself and other participants of the event.
  • will prevent the property damage and is fully responsible for all actions
  • he/she is responsible for the full functionality of the own equipment and the equipment he/she lent to other participants of the event. Also the equipment is maintained according with manufacturer’s terms and conditions.
  • he/she is fully aware of the scuba diving potential danger – mental and physical injuries and death. All risks might increase during harsh conditions.
  • participation is voluntary and at his/her own risk. Thereby assumes all risks associated with this event – any injuries, damages and also the unpredictable ones. 
  • the organizational team is not responsible for any injury, damages or death that may occur during the event.
  • will not bring a litigation against the organiser of the event in connection with the event.
  • he/she bears the risk of damage or loss of equipment unless it is caused by another person
  • agree with photographic and film documentation throughout the event and eventual use of such materials for advertising, training documentation and similar commercial purposes. The organiser has the unlimited rights for manipulation with these documents.