Main objective

The project Rekord 200 is an event taking place in the swimming pool in Liberec dedicated to promoting scuba diving. This will be already forth time such event takes place. The idea behind Rekord 200 is to push one’s physical and psychological boundaries to their limits, which in the case of scuba diving is the actual bottom. To dive to the deepest part of the diving pool while knowing that there are many other divers above oneself requires courage and calm.

The main goal of the project is to promote safe scuba diving, both as a sport and technical. The objective of the event is therefore to have the maximum number of certified divers (recreational and technical) to dive at the same time to the bottom of the pool in Liberec swimming pool which is 8,5 meters deep. We hope to break a record from 2015 when 167 diving enthusiasts reached the bottom of the pool. At the same time, we want to establish a record that could be written down in the Guinness World Records book.

The project aims to address the public and show that scuba diving is a beautiful and safe sport suitable to persons of all ages. The age scale of scuba divers is very broad. The youngest participant of the last record was 5 years old and the oldest one was 74. The event is also accessible to divers with disabilities. Under the water surface differences between divers disappear. It is obvious that diving is an activity suitable for almost anyone, can be learned at any age and connects people with disabilities and able-bodied. Which is another important goal of Rekord 200.

Rescue workers and divers will also be included in the preparation and realization phases of the project. One of the many goals of the project is also promotion of the town and township of Liberec where the deepest diving pool in the Czech Republic is placed.

The event is an opportunity for friends to meet and share a special experience not likely to be repeated very often. Diving clubs from the Czech Republic as well as abroad (especially Poland and Germany) are invited to participate. To keep true to our motto “Diving is joy” we have also prepared an eventful program for participants and their friends and families not just for children. You will have the opportunity to join us in games and try scientific experiments brought by IQ Landia. Scuba diving companies will introduce the newest hits in diving equipment as well as some historical gear. If that is not enough to motivate you to come, every participant can also win prizes donated by project partners and exhibitors.